Don Schenk, Cr. Photog., A.S.P.

What's Been Happening At Don Schenk Photo, Inc DBA ideapage...

I've been presenting marketing workshops, and writing new books and courses for other business owners.

Several years ago one of my other photographers took over the portrait business to give me more time to operate ideapage, and more time to manage real estate rentals I own.

The other photographer changed the name, and move that part of the business about an hour north of here.

I began the ideapage in 1992 as an offshoot of Don Schenk Photography Inc. to help other studio owners learn the marketing and business techniques I had created over the years.

I then expanded it to encompass marketing help for other types of business.

I am still at the same location, and if you are a past customer, don't worry, your images are safe. You can still get reprints.

The phone number is the same it has always been:


I am in and out of the office, so the best way to reach me is by calling my cell (leash):


The original portrait website is still here. Just click on this image.

Old Site Homepage

For the customers, and their children who loved playing with Stevie, she is still with us in thought and memory, and has her own website: Stevie


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